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Outdoor toy storage bench to keep objects organized and off the lawn or patio. Whether you use it for sports equipment, pool toys and lawn furniture, storage bench a functional piece of furniture for any home. In addition to keeping the lawn is picked up, storage bench creates extra space for summer cookouts and bonfires. For a simple project, building a storage bench by hand.

Posted on October 23, 2017 Storage Bench

Align the two-inch edge of one of the three foot long boards with the face of another to start building the structure of the outdoor toy storage bench. The two hours of sheets should form a right angle. Then, make sure the edges of the board are flush. Fastening two boards with 4-inch nails. Hammer a nail every two to four inches along the trail the two parts.

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Place a 3-foot board on the front of the structure to form a right angled U shape. A board should have two-inch edge of two sheets of wood on it to keep the outdoor toy storage bench also. Fastening two boards with 4-inch nails. Hammer a nail every 2 to 4 inches along the edge of the two cards. Leaving the fourth 3-foot board to one side, because it will be the top of the storage bench. Position of the two-foot-by-foot support 2 at the open end of the U-shape to provide a closed bench side. Then, attach the board to the two-inch edges of the bench structure with 4-inch nails.

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