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Marble staircase – Marble Stairs for inputs, internal and external. The marble interior stairs to the entrance are make with modern style and the ability to use different types of marble but also with the help of iron and wood. Renewing the marble staircase giving it a modern look is possible. The marble staircases in from outside are also achievable with different types of marble.

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Types of marble staircase. In the marble stairs you can distinguish various models of scales depending on the type of marble or the stair style. Some of the different types available and more popular among our customers are for example the marble stairs botticino toed. There are black marble, white marble and white Carrara, Travertine, two-tone trani, Egyptian. Yellow in its various colors like yellow Atlantis, yellow istrian, Egyptian yellow, yellow royal, gray, brown (deer), black, pearl Sicilian, fine marble, pink portugal, perlino pink, red marble stairs and red alicante and red Verona, Guatemala green, wenge.

12 Photos Gallery of: Polished Marble Staircase

White Marble StaircaseSize: 1300 x 1166

Warm Marble StaircaseSize: 1200 x 675

Stone Marble StaircaseSize: 1165 x 777

Simple Marble StaircaseSize: 1280 x 960

Maroon Marble StaircaseSize: 980 x 1312

Marble Staircase PictureSize: 1377 x 860

Marble Staircase IdeasSize: 1700 x 1275

Luxury Marble StaircaseSize: 1000 x 1020

Gray Marble StaircaseSize: 1030 x 821

Cream Marble StaircaseSize: 1280 x 960

You can also include other materials in the realization of the scale as wrought iron, marble and granite. Marble and wood, marble and stone, marble and glass, marble covered with wood or resin. Steel and marble or realize marble steps to be insert in marble staircase in iron or other materials.

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