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Metal spiral staircase – We saw in the post of floating stairs how in duplex or two-storey dwellings the staircase can become the essential focus of the decoration. Becoming occasions practically a sculpture. This is also the case of the spiral staircases that we will see today. An architectural element that undoubtedly becomes the center of attention of the entrance or the living room. Because wherever it is place is impossible to go unnoticed.

Posted on November 4, 2017 Stairs

The metal spiral staircase has as its main advantage its undoubted aesthetics. Thanks to the hypnotic effect produced by a spiral in the human eye. As well as a reduction of the horizontal space, since they only occupy in the width the diameter that you want to give them, while Straight stairs need several meters in length horizontally to reach from the first step to the last.

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Metal Spiral StaircaseSize: 940 x 571

However, metal spiral staircase also has some disadvantages. And is that in general they tend to be much less practical than single-ladder stairs. Imagine having to climb a mattress, or a mattress upstairs! In addition, although they occupy less space in horizontal. They do so in volume. And also in its own way forces them to be place in the center of a room (or at least not stuck to the wall). So that they are often a nuisance To relocate the furniture.

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