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Spiral stair – One of the main characteristics of a spiral or spiral staircase is that it is design to save space. So it can even be found anywhere in the room. And not always next to a wall as in the case of traditional stairs. Precisely this is what makes decorating a spiral staircase is not very simple. So today in here we will see how to achieve a beautiful spiral staircase . But without overloading or compromising the circulation.

Posted on October 27, 2017 Stairs

Placing decorative objects on the steps has always been one of the most common tactics when decorating stairs. But in the case of a spiral stair this idea of ​​decoration should be much more subtle. Since you must be careful that any object that we use does not compromise the circulation of these structures in spirals. Some recommendations may be placing small candles on the outside tips of each step, or step by half; As well as the use of mini pots.

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White Spiral StairSize: 1200 x 1498

Spiral StairSize: 915 x 1220

Spiral Stair WoodenSize: 996 x 768

Spiral Stair WoodSize: 915 x 1220

Spiral Stair Rail IronSize: 850 x 567

Spiral Stair ModelsSize: 1200 x 1111

Spiral Stair DesignsSize: 1000 x 1309

Painted Spiral StairSize: 800 x 1036

Large Spiral StairSize: 1200 x 1200

Kids Spiral StairSize: 1200 x 1055

Black Spiral StairSize: 1067 x 1600

Another of the great resources that we can use in these cases are the colors. Either directly painting the steps of the spiral stair. Or applying a blanket of color, a material that adheres well to the step and not Compromise the hold. And, of course, the color you choose should always be in line with the rest of the decor of the room.

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