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Propane tank storage cabinet – Although propane gives us energy and makes our lives easier, it also constitutes a highly flammable and potentially dangerous liquid. Proper storage relative to the location. Also position ensure safe commercial and residential customers thought. Something very important to remember, however, never store a propane tank near anything flammable. Whether indoor or outdoor, propane tanks should stand on a flat storage cabinet, hard surface, like cement.

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Something hard and nonflammable works well as long as it does not collect water, states Propane 101 website. This prevents them from rust. The upright position represents the safest location for a propane tank. Warning for housing propane tank storage cabinet in a well-ventilated outdoor area. Propane tanks with the storage cabinet used in residential settings should stay outdoors, according to the website propane 101. Also make sure the propane tank and the storage staying away from heavily trafficked areas.

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Warning for commercial indoor propane tank storage cabinet. Although propane tanks and the cabinet should stay outdoors, indoor commercial propane storage cabinet happens often. The rules associated with indoor propane storage cabinet means that buildings frequently visited by the public can only contain 0.454kg. Tanks with 90.7 kg. Total storage, says National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Buildings without frequent visits from the public can hold 136kg. Total propane storage tank without any size limitations.

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