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Hand painted tiles kitchen backsplash – A backsplash area is a good place to add color and visual appeal to any kitchen. Plain cabinets and countertops often need colorful tiles or other materials to add some pizazz. This area of ​​the counter space is wasted in a sentence; there are many options for adding storage or shelving.

Posted on November 12, 2017 Kitchen Backsplash

Install artistic elements

Hand painted tiles kitchen backsplash or other artistic elements to work. Buy tiles that make up a complete picture of an outdoor scene, for example, when installed in a space 24 inches square. You can also buy tiles painted with flowers or vegetables to use randomly in a backsplash area. Don’t overlook to use your children’s artwork on the tiles also paints. Hand painted tiles kitchen backsplash, framed nature scenes can be installed every few feet in the backsplash area above the worktop.

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Look at ways to add storage in this area. For example, you can install the appliance garage to hide the toaster or blender. Small cabinets can be installed in this area to keep spices or paper towels. A series of wooden shelves can hold an inside herb garden as well. Glass shelves can hold glass canisters of dry goods.  Try adding more light in most backsplash areas. You can install the mirror tiles in this room to expand in the kitchen visually. In many cases, you will want to add fluorescent lighting under the upper cabinets. While light or white color is often a good idea in the backsplash area, add a colorful flower vase or artistic copper pot to keep the area from looking boring.

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