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Stairway Chandelier – Ceiling lamps, create a more intimate species of atmosphere in a room, because the light does not glimpse into the ceiling, but moved down closer to facing level. Most hanging light sets come with cloth cables that enclose the wiring line from the ceiling canopy to the accessory and are much longer than they have to be, so you can adjust these parameters. You can install hanging light instead of any existing ceiling lighting fixture, then control it from the same switch.

Posted on January 10, 2018 Stairs

Cut to the room in the house circuit box. Set your ladder below the existing stairway chandelier. Climb the ladder and remove the existing lamp by loosening the visible screws and pulling it down. Disconnect the cables where the links between the appliance and the exposed ceiling electrical box are located. Unscrew and remove the mounting plate from the old lamp.  Locate the mounting plate in your new mounting kit. Connect it to the electrical box with the supplied screws.

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Pull the cable ends down around or across the board, depending on your design. Take the new accessory up to the ladder, holding the device itself in one hand and the ceiling canopy in the other, letting the connecting stairway chandelier cable hang between them. Adjust the accessory at the top of the ladder, and raise the roof part of pallium up to the roof.

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