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Seagrass ottoman storage – Choose the seagrass ottoman storage and colors of the tassels in accordance with the overall look of the room where you want to place your self-made baby. For today’s DIY project, we chose the classic color combination of red and blue. Whenever you want to give the storage a new look, you should just decorate it with new tassels or bring back the original look very quickly.

Posted on November 16, 2017 Storage Ottoman

This decoration seagrass ottoman storage has a total of 12 tassels. Each 6 pieces of each color. The size of your tassels depends on the size of the cardboard. And adjust the thickness of the knitting yarn. For our tassels we have the thread wound 70 times. You can make finer or thicker pieces. Place a 25 cm thread through the wrapped knitting yarn and knot it together. Remove the almost finished tassel from the cardboard paper and tie it with another thread to form a round bobbin.

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Cut all the threads along the edge of the carton until the desired length is reached. Measure the circumference of the storage and divide it with the number of tassels. In advance, calculate the distance between all tassels if you are looking for a symmetrical optic. Mark these spots with the paperclips or with the adhesive tape. Sew your homemade tassels with a thread to the seagrass ottoman storage. Knot the thread from the inside and cut off the remains. Voila! Your spiced storage with homemade decoration is ready.

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