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Log railing – The usual thing is that it consists of a handrail more or less conventional that is support both at the ends. And along the ladder by several vertical bars. Although there are some who do not like them. As with some flying stairs. They are usually always present, even if it is only a form of parking. Especially if the ladder sections have a certain height.

Posted on December 28, 2017 Railing

However, although log railing design has been conservative so far, it is an element that can be applied a lot of creativity when it comes to creative reform. Of modernist or minimalistic air, embedded, with ropes, in wood or stone, the options are as wide as the imagination. Here are some examples that can inspire more than one.

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Nature Log RailingSize: 1024 x 870

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Log Railing IdeasSize: 800 x 533

Log Railing HomeSize: 1023 x 767

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Log Railing CornerSize: 800 x 600

Forest Log RailingSize: 807 x 605

Build Log RailingSize: 1023 x 767

We have already commented on more than one occasion how the light. Wherever it is use, decorates by itself any space. And the illumination of stairs would not be an exception. The designs of backlit handrails give a very dynamic character to this space. Obtaining a perfect indirect light for its route. Acting additionally like light of orientation that marks the way. Backlighting a log railing is simple: one option is to flush them into the walls. Whether these are create from wood, stone or smooth walls, placing light strips in the holes left for the purpose.

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