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Basement stairs railing – If you have narrow basement stairs, you need to install a lane, not just for aesthetics, but for security reasons as well. Without a lane on their narrow basement stairs, people who use the stairs may fall or become injured, and the last thing we want is to hurt them by taking those clean clothes down the stairs. Stair railings for narrow basement stairs may depend on a number of factors, including where the stairs are located.

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One of the most popular and simple options for basement stair safety is the installation of a basement stairs railing. Available in a large selection of materials, designs and widths. Railings are simple and can be attach to any wall with a series of brackets. Although handrails do take up some space, they are a leaner and more agile option than most stair rails. And because they are attach to a wall, they are stable.

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If you have a narrow ladder against a wall with an open side. It is possible to think of installing a full wooden lane. The complete wooden basement stairs railing come in a wide variety of options from simple designs, slats to carved wooden balustrades. Just remember, no matter which option you choose. Then make sure there is no large open space at the bottom of the railing. Unrailed areas or open spaces on the basement stairs are a danger to the safety of children.

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