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Modular staircase – Stairs are a constructive element, but what if they were something versatile, like furniture we have at home? Under this idea proposes a ladder with modules of different formats that easily adapt to both houses and offices, as industrial or work spaces. Inspiring by structure and shape of a water slide and made of fiberglass polyester. This modular spiral staircase can be manufacture in any color of RAL chart. Thus making it one more element of our furniture Home that is really your goal. A personal and non-transferable ladder. Each module weighs 20 kg and measures 75 x 80 x 95 cm.

Posted on October 30, 2017 Stairs

This modular staircase with a garden under its steps has been one of favorite photos in this journey of almost two years. Thanks to its attractive and practical design at same time it has slipped into number one ranking this week. If you still do not know this ladder, you can visit it then and then. Get ready to know all pictures of incredible houses, interesting and that show that appearances deceive.

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Wooden Modular StaircaseSize: 800 x 1049

Simple Modular StaircaseSize: 800 x 1032

Modular StaircaseSize: 800 x 939

Modular Staircase SystemSize: 1024 x 768

Modular Staircase RailSize: 800 x 890

Modular Staircase PaintSize: 800 x 1080

Modular Staircase IndoorSize: 934 x 1292

Modular Staircase HomeSize: 1024 x 644

Ideas Modular StaircaseSize: 1077 x 1332

Modular staircase open up a new possibility of space when considering what can be done with stairwell. Sometimes, there is nothing to do, because there is no specific need; Others, however, can take advantage of that space and incorporate some type of furniture. Such as cabinets, shelves or other decorative elements. Such as  this small garden made of stones and a couple of plants .

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