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Beds with storage drawers underneath – When you have bad with storage space. It is smart to use the space under the beds for storage.  We have done it on and off over the years and would probably really need to do so now. But I try to avoid it because I think it will simplify cleaning when empty under the bed. Now, however, we are in two minds and I have therefore looking around for some smart storage tips.

Posted on November 14, 2017 Storage Bed

Something I would really like to have in my dream home is a library. And a small scrub where I could hide from the outside world and just read.  Imagine being able to lie on the bed and sink into a good book with books well above the head of the bed.  It has built smart beds with storage drawers underneath box on wheels with handle and designed box so that you can stack paperbacks on line in different compartments inside the box. A bokmals pipe dream!

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A simpler version of the dream above is to use a wire basket on wheels from an old dishwasher. Then stop the dishwasher basket full of books and rolls it beds with storage drawers underneath so that it is just to stretch your hand down when you want to read a new book.

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