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Hands free faucet kitchen – Modern kitchen interior is unthinkable without aperture. The majority of housewives stay near a car wash a lot of time and using the crane dozens of times each day, placing him high demands. They try to ensure that the faithful assistant always worked well, was easy to use and durable. But still looked good with the overall decor of the kitchen. In today’s variety of choices and the abundance of advertising, to make an appropriate choice not so easy. We will try to uncover the important points that you should consider picking up your kitchen faucet.

Posted on December 19, 2017 Kitchen Backsplash

There mixer nozzles of different heights: from low to relatively high. If the spout is low, the depth of the sink to be great, otherwise you will not be able to set the volume pots, bowls and other large equipment. On the other hand, gives too high spout water pressure is very strong, and in all aspects of fly spray. So try to pick up the hands free faucet kitchen to match the volume of the shell.

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The angle of rotation of the spout. Usually 120-140 degrees. More convenient to use imaginary crane with a large steering angle. The more expensive models, it reaches 180 degrees. But if the sink in the kitchen near a wall or in a corner, it is not necessary to know how to touch so cool. For an island kitchen where the washing will be on the island, it makes sense to buy the hands free faucet kitchen, which can rotate around its axis.

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