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Bedding storage – Built-in wardrobes take advantage of space available to maximum. Since they are design exclusively for each owner. Here we see an example of how in a narrow room but with high ceilings. A very vertical wardrobe has been design. So much so that access to its upper part is equip with a moving staircase. Of course a very practical and also personal design, that only fit for agile individuals.

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Versatility bedding storage of a chest of drawers. This furniture is a tradition in most classic bedrooms. Precisely for this reason, in general, their designs are very traditional. Often evoking forms of art decor or colonial furniture. However, at present time they are also in other more modern and very eclectic lines. And is that comfortable being very useful to store clothes in bedroom, beauty tools and certain secrets. And also its top is always a good surface to put everything we use every day and that we remove when we go to bed.

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Bedding storage at foot of bed. It is also very useful to store our clothes in bedroom a small trunk locate at foot of bed. This furniture has advantage that it is at same time a storage system and a seat to dress or take off. It usually stores bed linen, and even towels for bathroom. However, nobody knows what’s inside because it looks like that makeshift seat . It can be find in many lines of design so that it is totally relate visually with rest of furniture.

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