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Curved staircase – We can give a lot of uses to dead spaces that we have under stairs of our houses, ideas and tricks of decoration is to add a few shelves and turn it into a storage space. But … someone has ever thought of using that space as a desk; transform it in our small office. Or turn it into guest room, installing a comfortable bed. Everything will depend on design of our staircase and its location in our house, however I hope that with this article we all rethink a new way to take advantage of space that we have under our stairs.

Posted on October 27, 2017 Stairs

If curved staircase of our house is located in hall of our house, or located in a corridor where there is a busier traffic, it would be a good area to take advantage of as storage of objects that are most at hand, even Bicycles if we are sports fans. Another concept would be to use this space to give a special touch of decoration to our home.

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Small Curved StaircaseSize: 891 x 669

Curved StaircaseSize: 800 x 740

Curved Staircase WoodSize: 1000 x 1500

Curved Staircase WhiteSize: 920 x 518

Curved Staircase ShapesSize: 1200 x 800

Curved Staircase IndoorSize: 900 x 1241

Curved Staircase IdeasSize: 848 x 565

Build Curved StaircaseSize: 920 x 616

If curved staircase is locate in our room. Then they are probably more elegant stairs and we will have more space and ideas to take advantage of them. We will take advantage of this space to integrate it with rest of decoration of our living room . And we can transform it into an elegant bookcase, in our perfect reading corner. In a practical bottle rack, or in storage complement to our living room.

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