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Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas – Horizontal dividers can add a decorative touch to your deck of cards, but the most important feature of any deck rail is its safety. Divisional space regulations vary by location, so contact your City Building Department or county for specific regulations in your area before purchasing the materials. Vertical posts will need to keep your horizontal division in place, so choose a look that coordinates the horizontal and vertical characteristics.

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If the zone construction codes allow for horizontal deck railing ideas, use two 2 by 4-inch posts. Spaced a few inches apart from your vertical stands rather than a standard 4-by-4-inch stall. Dividing the vertical bracket opens the design slightly. Allowing you to place wood 1 by 3 inches along the outside of the posts in horizontal runs. Space the horizontal beams according to local regulations and make sure they are securely fastened. Paint the verticals and the horizontals different colors for a look that emphasizes the design.

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Aluminum tubes approximately 3/4 inch in diameter may meet construction regulations for horizontal deck railing ideas in some areas. Combine tubes with aluminum vertical posts for an industrial look. Or use painted wooden stands of dark gray, red or black for a modern look. If you have the extra money and are allow building codes, look at other metals like hard copper, for pipes. Copper and iron wear in attractive finishes as time, but may not be suitable for all applications.

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