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Horizontal deck railing – An element like the railing, seemingly simple and functional, admits a high dose of expressiveness. Thus, just as we have seen designs of banners very minimalist, made of metal and without any kind of ornament, we can find very ornate handrails. Deck railing for example, that bets on the organic forms, forming a unique whole with the staircase, which is integrated in an environment with an artisan air where the wood acquires the entire protagonist.

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In the house, we opt for an opaque horizontal deck railing, a workmanship. It will guarantee the safety of use of the stairs for all the inhabitants of the house. Even if these are children. However, this approach is not at odds with design and aesthetics, quite the opposite. In this case, the majesty of the staircase. And its railing is reinforce with the entrance of overhead light.

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Another of the materials that we usually find in domestic stair horizontal deck railing is, of course, glass. A glass railing is a perfect choice for small stairs. As it will help us gain breadth as the space in which it is locate is more relax. Not only because of the very material of the glass. Because of its transparency, which allows light to pass through. And widens the prospects of the home by allowing the vision through it. Also glass, always with a safety treatment to avoid hazards. It has a minimum thickness that will reduce the width of the rail and staircase assembly.

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