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Handicap Railing – If you are installing a handicap railing in public space, such as a business location. You generally better use to buy a railing specially designed to ensure that Americans comply with the disability law guidelines. Even if you simply install handrails for your own peace of mind such as in a private residence. You must be careful to comply with government regulations, not to pass the next inspection. You can use these standards as a guide for proper installation.

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Determine the length of your handicap railing by measuring the space on the wall where you want it to go. With this marking area, check for stud bolts with an electronic stringer locator or hit the wall hollow areas make a lighter, echoing sound, while the stud bolts make a solid sound. Count how many studs are available through space you have shown for your railing. Mark the wooden posts with a pencil. While the ADA does not require a particular shape for the railing (such as round or oval). It requires it to be strong.

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Your lane should be able to withstand more than 250 pounds of tension, so choose a strong wood instead of simply buying a wooden rod. Purchase a lane that is design for use as a railing or a stair lane. The ADA does not distinguish between handicap railing and driveway lanes they recommend the same distance from the height and wall for each.

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