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Deck Cable Railing Systems – Cable fence not only creates a barrier for your deck or terrace, but also gives you an unobstructed view of the beautiful objects that surround you. In order for you to enjoy the benefits that come with the railing system you have to install it properly. To help you here is a tip on how to do it:

Posted on November 4, 2017 Railing

The first thing you should do is gather the tools you need for the job. You need to post to support deck cable railing systems you. For the cable to be held in place you should install a 4 foot pole apart. If you have to install posts more than 4 feet apart you should consider installing a cable stabilizer. After installing post drill holes in all posts. All you have to do is clamp the template to the post side and drill hole. If your fence has no template, drill out a drill template by drilling a 3 inch separate hole.

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When installing deck cable railing systems you will work with 3 types of posts: corner posts, mid posts and end posts. Corner allows you to easily change the direction of the fence. Mid post supports the fence between the end and corner poles and the final writing serves as a starting or ending point for the fencing system. You must insert the cable through the post hole so you do not damage the fence system. If the cable is equipped with rubber grommets, attach the cable through grommets and place it into the post hole. When you find a post that requires you to plug a cable in a corner or corner, touch the arm protector into it.

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