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Unusual kitchen curtains – The curtains covering the windows in your home to tell the story of your family. The perception of how people live reflected in the decorations, choosing as an expression of their flavor or flair for life. When the norm does not fit your lifestyle, step outside the box and try something unusual with your curtains.

Posted on October 25, 2017 Kitchen Curtains

Find a straight curtain rod, preferably flat, as opposed to round hanging close to the wall. Fold the top part of the wallpaper around the rod and glue it to create a curtain panel. The number of laminated wood you need depends on the width of the window. Match pattern of wallpaper on additional panels to the first panel as you would when papering a wall. Cut the panels on the bottom to skim the floor. Then add weights to the bottom of the panels on the side facing the window. Use small magnets or other flat, heavy parts as weights. These unusual kitchen curtains are not intended to be opened and closed on a regular basis. Keep this in mind before implementing the idea.

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Spread your unusual kitchen curtains. Use a long branch, peeled and treated with varnish or paint, to hang your loop or tab-top curtains. Hang branch as evenly as possible, but allow the natural flow. This will add to the unusual look. For a nautical theme, use a boat oar for a rod. Then refinish older wooden oars in colors to match or complement your room. Paddles work with loop or a tab at the top curtains or panels with larger rod openings in the top.

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