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Garage bench storage – A workbench can provide your garage with a useful surface to make small repairs. Or projects as well as save all tools and materials you need to do so. Bench Garage Systems are sold at most home improvement stores. And consist of various sizes of base. Wall and cabinet and worktop options to top base cabinets. If you plan to make small repairs or just projects, set up a system that focuses on storage.

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Choose a base garage bench storage wide floor. And side with two cabinets. Leave space next to base on one side, before cabinet high to have space to slide a trash can. Or clog storage underneath. Add two cupboards to top — above base — and over groove of basket and cover base with a sturdy solid wood countertop.

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If it’s your workspace, build a sturdy wooden workbench at least 2 feet deep, all along a wall of your garage or occupying as much space as free. Add two shelves under work table; Put one just above floor and next until approximately 15 to 18 inches. Place metal or plastic storage trays along platform, then add a perforation along wall above garage bench storage for tool storage. Keep front area of ​​bench clear especially if you are working with tall objects, then add a wooden storage shelf about 2 feet below roof to store boards and long pieces of molding.

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