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Garage storage lockers – The garage is the place of the house where we parked our vehicle. But it is also a place that usually becomes a kind of “storage room” where we start storing things and things. And in the end there is room for anything but to get in the car. There are some tricks to be able to store what you need in your garage without it becoming chaos.

Posted on October 23, 2017 Garage Storage

I have selected these ideas thinking for all the public. In the DIY fans, in the homes with children, in which they need to store clothes etc. A piece of furniture with enough garage storage lockers will avoid many problems. The ideal is to have a closet with open shelves to store the objects we use most often, drawers to store tools, clothes and everything you need to store.

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Baskets and hooks: in homes where several sports fans live or the same practical person several, the garage becomes a perfect place to store your accessories. In this way they will have them ordered and visible when they need it. Metal cubes for storing the smallest toys. They have a great capacity of garage storage lockers in spite of its small size and they are very resistant.

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