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Wire railing systems – A builder railings similar continuous railing because it has no protruding posts. This type of handrail, however, has a flat-surface, rectangular top rail and a cover rail. The cover rail is wider and covers the upper railing. The extra surface width of a builder handrail gives space to place food and drink. Although the posts and spindles in a builder wire railing systems on the outside deck boards.

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Protruding posts

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Some styles of wire railing systems features protruding posts, or posts that extend past the handrail surface. Two types of protruding posts railing are: intermittent and alternating. In intermittent style, each post protrudes beyond the rail surface. Partly protruding railing allows only every two or three posts to stand out. The latter type of protruding post railing is suitable for homeowners who want just projecting posts in the corners or their decks or patios. The upper part of the protruding poles has a decorative cover for aesthetic purposes.

Beads and finger Groove

The pearl and finger track wire railing systems are often the exterior or interior stairs instead of decks or patios. This handrail’s tailored design allows people a better grip on the rail as they descend, or high above the stairs. The handrail is track is close to the rail base, where someone’s fingers would naturally go when you hold the rail. The surface of a bead and finger track handrail typically rounded to fit the shape of someone’s palm. These railings are about 3 inches longer than many continuous handrail models.

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